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datacenter workers

Bring agility to your data center

End-to-end bare metal automation software that enables your physical infrastructure to change quickly and reliably with no human intervention.

Deliver complete services faster than ever before

Deploy Ubuntu, CentOS, ESXi, or Windows on your servers, re-configure switches,

create storage volumes, and more with a single click.

servers, switches, storage

Server provisioning

Automatic OS deployment

Complex OS network configuration 

 Netboot support
 Automatic RAID configuration

 Automatic BIOS/BMC configuration

 Automatic Firmware upgrade

 OOB-only operation support

 Intent based

Switch provisioning

L2 and L3 configuration support

✓ Multi-tenant support

M-Lag support
 VLAN, eVPN, VPLS support

 Automatic IPAM

 Automatic DNS

 External connections support

 Border equipment management

 Intent based

Storage provisioning

✓ Automatic LUN provisioning
✓ Support for live resize of disks
✓ Automatic attachment of iSCSi volumes to servers

✓ Snapshot support

✓ Automatic virtual port management for multi-path

✓ Automatic network configuration for multi-tenant environments

Enable Bare Metal as-a-Service

The MetalSoft® platform enables end-users to design, deploy and operate their own bare metal infrastructures either through our fantastic drag-and-drop user portal or via our CLI and Terraform provider. ACTIVE ACTIVE Instances: 1 master Drives: 1 drive-array-8599 ACTIVE ACTIVE Instances: 2 Workers Drives: 2 drive-array-459... Internet LAN SAN Deploy Revert changes AFC Deploy Viewer complex-demo (London, UK) Alex Bordei Support Docs

Intuitive drag and drop interface

 Support for full on-demand usage

 Support for diskless (netboot) operation
 Firewall management
 Storage volume management

 Support SSH keys deployment

Advanced network provisioning

 User operate any number of separate L2 networks
  Custom VLAN configuration 

 Support for DNS handling

  Support for trunk & tagged mode

  Support for bonding

provisioning support

  Single click deployment

  Deploy Kubernetes cluster
 Deploy VMware vSphere cluster

 Deploy Big Data clusters

 Support for cluster expansion, stop & resume

Reduce human error & resource waste

Even tiny mistakes make it tough to run a tight ship. You have users that need your services. Our platform eliminates the need for your team to configure anything on servers or leaf switches.

metalsoft dashboard


✓ RBAC support

✓ LDAP (AD) support
SAML based SSO 
 Oauth2 for API auth

Multi-factor authentication

Automatic lifecycle management

✓ Automatic inventory

✓ Automatic allocation and deallocation of servers to users

Automatic server type management
Automatic cleanup


✓ Automatic IP address management

Automatic VLAN space management
Automatic cleanup of unused IP resources and VLAN SVIs

Use cases

Improve delivery times, build a new product line, and get end-to-end visibility across all your data centers.

Service providers


Bare metal as a Service



Kubernetes as a Service

Build an AWS EKS-like offering but with a performance edge by automating single-tenant bare metal K8S deployment.

Provision high-performance Kubernetes clusters at the edge to enable low-latency micro-services and container based NFVs.

VMware private
cloud deployment


Standardize VMware vSphere deployments across all branches

and enable equipment re-purposing and reduce waste.


Edge cloud

Leverage a global footprint to offer low latency services.

Leverage a global footprint to offer low latency services.

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Learn how to get started with MetalSoft

Take it for a test drive

To get a feel for what dynamic bare metal infrastructure feels like, schedule a test drive.
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