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MetalSoft Platform


Software for turning your hardware into programmable, flexible, cloud-like bare metal infrastructure


Full Stack Automation:
Data Center-as-Code

You would love to orchestrate operations across off-the-shelf servers, switches, and storage, turning them into a true cloud that can be consumed from CI/CD pipelines or self-service interfaces.

Improved reliability

Prevents misconfigurations from system or silo hand-offs and human errors.

All tenant infrastructures are isolated from each other by default and security standards are enforced automatically.

Improved security

Improved time-to-value

Speed up service delivery by 20x or more by orchestrating all aspects of data center infrastructure deployment simultaneously.

Empowering Engineers and End-Users

We believe that engineering teams should have the power to programmatically build complex infrastructure, regardless of technology: VMs, Containers, GPU workloads, databases, etc. 

Maintain consistency and control

Deploy new technologies faster

Automate the mundane, save time

Enable self-service operation

Integrate with industry-standard tools

One solution, many vendors


Describe the desired architecture using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface or programmatically.

Resource Allocation

MetalSoft allocates the required compute, storage, and all related resources, within policy set by the infrastructure admins.

Hardware Configuration

MetalSoft configures switch ports, the OS, RAID, BIOS, LUNs, VLANs, EVPN VXLAN, and much more.

Ready to use

From blueprint to login prompt

MetalSoft enables end-users and automated systems to easily design and deploy complex infrastructures, automatically taking care of every detail.


Key Capabilities

Deploy and configure operating systems on servers.

OS deployment

Returned servers are securely wiped (SED or zero writing).

Secure cleaning

MetalSoft supports an easy to maintain and powerful operating system template.

Custom OS templates

Deploy firmware on servers using baselines and custom catalogs. 

Firmware management

Support for multiple vendors and multiple generations: HP, Dell, Lenovo and more.

Multi-vendor, multi-version

Similar servers automatically get a matching Server Type (SKU).

Auto Server Type Assign.

Imagine if you could automatically create private, isolated networks for each tenant infrastructure. This prevents lateral movement and the need for manual intervention.

Security By Design

Automatic L2 segmentation

Separate VRFs for tenants

Security audit available for all operations