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Unified, cross-domain bare metal orchestrator for unmatched operational efficiency.

The Next-Generation Data Center


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The evolving landscape of IT workloads, characterized by the emergence of AI, machine learning, large-scale data analysis, and next-generation databases, coupled with the widespread adoption of containers, has led to a surge in bare metal operations.

Consequently, this has added strain to already overwhelmed Ops teams, resulting in increased costs and slow, lackluster innovation.

Additionally, according to the Uptime Institute, a significant majority of downtime incidents (70%) continue to be attributed to human error.
While the hyperscalers have been successfully running fully automated data centers for some time, smaller data center operators have been hindered in their adoption of bare metal orchestration or they have not leveraged it fully.

Consequently, many data center operators and other service providers are now looking at bare metal orchestration to expedite service delivery, eliminate human error, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for their on-prem infrastructure.​

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