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MetalSoft Fabric Manager Use Cases

Updated: Apr 8

metalsoft fabric manager

Most on-premises network environments in enterprises are still very much rooted in old paradigms of change requests and are manually operated. This means they are slow to adapt to changing customer demand and slow to innovate. According to Uptime Institute, they are also prone to human error-caused downtime, which causes 70% of all outages.

MetalSoft Fabric Manager allows enterprises to operate their network like a hyper-scaler, where the bulk of the operational load gets transferred from the network admins to the tenants and to the system itself.

Network admins retain ownership over the design of the network and define the parameters within which the network can be consumed by the tenants and the actual users of the network, then define their requirements by using our drag-and-drop infrastructure editor to create an abstract blueprint. MetalSoft then translates the tenants’ intent into actual L2 and L3 configurations on switches and firewall appliances in a highly secure and isolated fashion.

This leads to:

  1. Lower operating costs

  2. Higher uptime

  3. More business agility

  4. More security through automatic macro segmentation

MetalSoft Fabric Manager supports most major vendors, including SONiC, Dell, HP, Cisco, Juniper, and Cumulus (Nvidia), enabling companies to manage different environments through a single pane of glass easily.

CI/CD-driven network management in enterprise environments

Many organizations are moving towards a GitOps-based operating model to enable better governance and faster reaction time but lack the tooling required to automate the entire data center. Most orchestration solutions tend to be vendor specific, complicating the CI/CD pipeline and increasing operating costs and chances of downtime.

MetalSoft Fabric Manager enables companies to tie their CI/CD pipelines to hardware in multiple data centers using abstract, vendor-agnostic concepts. Our Terraform provider allows companies to build and teardown networks with ease by referencing endpoints rather than specific switch ports.

Enterprise edge solutions

MetalSoft Fabric Manager allows service providers, retailers, financial institutions, and other organizations with a large number of remote sites to operate their vast network of equipment with ease.

Fabric Manager has been designed from the ground up to handle distributed environments and to manage thousands of sites with its patent-pending hierarchical control plane approach.

It is a vendor-agnostic intent-based system supporting complex setups without operators ever needing to touch the equipment through our support for “Site ZTP.”


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