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MetalSoft 6.0 Release: Fast, Robust, Flexible

Updated: Jan 9

metalsoft interface

We are excited to announce our upcoming 6.0 release. It's remarkable to witness the progress we've made in just 8 months since our last major release. This success is directly attributed to our investment in R&D, which involved expanding our team by 40% and maintaining a steadfast commitment to enhancing the quality of our engineering processes. These improvements have significantly accelerated our development pace.

MetalSoft is the most comprehensive solution on the market, effortlessly and effectively handling server, storage, and network provisioning.

The Key Benefits of our product include:

Enhanced Security: MetalSoft implements robust security measures such as encryption and access controls, ensuring the protection of data and infrastructure against unauthorized access and potential threats.

Improved Efficiency: Our automated provisioning processes eliminate manual tasks, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. This results in faster deployment of servers, storage, and network resources, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently.

Flexibility and Customization: MetalSoft provides a highly flexible and customizable environment, allowing businesses to tailor their infrastructure to meet their specific requirements. It supports various hardware configurations, software stacks, and networking options, granting businesses the freedom to customize their setup.

Seamless Scalability: MetalSoft's automation solution empowers businesses to easily scale their infrastructure. It offers centralized management and control, facilitating the addition or removal of resources, efficient workload distribution, and dynamic capacity adjustments based on demand.

Future-Proofing: MetalSoft promotes integration with diverse hardware and software components, ensuring that businesses are not locked into a single vendor. This flexibility allows for the adoption of new technologies and the ability to adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

Besides these all, we have added a big package of improvements:

Streamlined User Interface (UI) Refresh

Experience an improved UI that goes beyond aesthetics, delivering enhanced performance and stability.

Fiber Channel Support

Simplify the configuration of Server Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and Dell PowerMax Fiber Channel setups. This feature streamlines the process, allowing users to establish robust connections quickly, optimizing storage performance and data access.

Remote Console Support: Emergency Server Access with Enhanced Security

Access servers in emergency situations using the embedded remote console feature. This ensures quick troubleshooting while maintaining the security of the management network, providing peace of mind for users and service providers.

Air-Gapped Control Plane Support for Legacy Equipment: Modernize Older Systems

Unlock virtual media-based deployments and out-of-band (OOB) registration and cleaning for older gear, such as iDRAC 8 servers. This advancement revitalizes legacy equipment, enabling flexible and efficient deployments.

Custom RAID Configuration: Tailor Servers to Specific Needs

Customize the RAID configuration of servers, allowing users to optimize performance according to their unique requirements. This level of control ensures tailored server functionality and better utilization of resources.

Site ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) with SONiC: Effortless Full-Scale Deployments

Deploy entire sites from scratch, including switch imaging, BGP underlay configurations, and server registration. Simplify the deployment process and save valuable time, ensuring efficient and error-free site setups.

Advanced Template Language Support: Flexible OS Template Logic

Utilize the jinja2 (nunjucks) language to add logic in OS templates. Administrators can now support various scenarios, such as bonding or secondary VLANs, enabling highly customized deployments tailored to specific needs.

Lenovo Support: Expanded Compatibility and Boot Options

Comprehensive support for Lenovo servers, including virtual media-based boot, OOB-only registration, and cleanup. This enhancement extends compatibility and provides users with additional boot options, optimizing server management.

Custom Subnets Support for End-Users: Personalized Network Allocation

Define custom subnets to allocate individual servers based on specific configurations. Combined with custom OS templates, end-users gain full control over their deployments, ensuring personalized network allocation and configuration.

Custom Network Profiles for End-Users: Simplify Complex Network Setups

Define and reuse network profiles across instance arrays, simplifying the management of multiple servers with complex network setups. This feature streamlines configuration, particularly in environments utilizing VMWare, enhancing efficiency.

SONiC Monitoring Support: Proactive Event Capture and Analysis

Capture critical events such as port enable/disable, BGP session issues, and LLDP information for proactive monitoring. This data is collected via GNMI and seamlessly integrated into the event stream, empowering users with better network insights.

Server Provisioning Improvements: Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Experience a complete overhaul of the server provisioning component, resulting in improved performance and reliability. This upgrade ensures faster and more efficient provisioning of servers, optimizing the overall infrastructure management process.

OVA-based Deployment: Quick and Convenient Testing

For testing purposes, clients can now download a virtual appliance version of our controller and agent, enabling swift deployment in their environment. This feature provides a convenient and efficient way to test MetalSoft CloudPlex, ensuring a smooth transition to full-scale implementation.

These new additions further enhance the capabilities of our product, delivering even greater performance, convenience, and flexibility for your infrastructure management.

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for our next release... Stay tuned!


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