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It’s tough in the current economic climate to hire and retain engineers focused on system admin, DevOps and network architecture. In a recent Gartner survey, IT executives cited talent shortages as the top barrier to adopting emerging technologies.  [...]
MetalSoft is a four-year-old startup that’s looking to take advantage of the recent reverse cloud trend that has seen some enterprises rethink their public cloud strategies and move certain kinds of workloads back to their own information technology infrastructure.  [...]
[...] This article discusses what data center challenges government organizations face and how they can meet or exceed them. Using bare metal automation, government agencies can facilitate the building and operations of cloud-native infrastructure spanning from the core to the edge. [...]
[...] IT services firms trying to thrive in a competitive market should consider using bare metal automation to boost their service offerings and ability to support customers remotely. Notably, it offers a similar boost in productivity when compared to automating the process of cloud-based virtual server management [...]
How can your IT organization enjoy the benefits of virtual machines and containers? MetalSoft's Bernie Wu offers his perspective.
MITCH: Bernie, I can still remember when virtual machines started to replace physical servers for on-premises workloads. Then virtual machines moved to the cloud with IaaS, and the decision for organizations was whether to go public cloud, private cloud, or both...
The cloud has been a mixed blessing for managed service providers. On the one hand, it’s underpinned dramatic growth in as-a-service solutions, allowing MSPs to become more agile and flexible while ...
It’s been almost 15 years since Amazon released its EC2 cloud service, and a decade since Microsoft’s Azure hit the market. Since then, the cloud has evolved beyond recognition. Cloud services have ...

Press releases

MetalSoft, a leading provider of intelligent bare metal automation software for managing data centers and multi-vendor equipment, today announced it has raised a total of $16 million in Series A funding led by DNS Capital. MetalSoft enables enterprises and service providers to automate the management of hardware devices across all their data centers, while allowing end-users to design, deploy and operate their own bare metal infrastructures via a simple, easy user interface or API.
MetalSoft today announced the launch of their intelligent bare metal automation software platform. This infrastructure management tool allows enterprises and service providers to better automate and ...
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