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Starting from an abstract "Unified Intent" definition, expressed as a graphical blueprint, Terraform manifest, or CLI command, the MetalSoft® platform executes the appropriate transformations on all involved equipment to deliver the desired infrastructure.

How it works

Zero vendor lock-in

We support multiple vendors and technologies at the same time, allowing companies to mix-and-match compute, network, or storage components.

Multiple server brands supported

The MetalSoft platform uses IPMI, Redfish as well as other proprietary tools to interact with the various brands and generations of servers.

This complexity is handled by the software, so you don't have to.

Multiple switch brands supported

The MetalSoft platform can enable tenant isolation in a variety of modes from a Big LAN configuration to advanced BGP based L2+L3 networks.

This is one of our most flexible core features to enhance performance.

Multiple storage brands supported

The MetalSoft platform manages LUNs across multiple brands of iSCSi storage appliances.

It supports single and dual head setups and provides a Kubernetes CSI provider of it's own, which abstracts the underlying technology.

Advanced network provisioning

The MetalSoft platform does network management like no other solution on the market today. It provisions multi-tenant L2 networks using the tried and tested capabilities of hardware to enable high performance, scalable and secure networking without you ever touching the leaf switches.

Touches only the leaf nodes

By design, the MetalSoft platform only provisions leaf (Top of Rack) switches and does not need to handle the core networking part. 

This enables network admins to handle the core networking manually which in turn enables greater flexibility.

L2 networks for high performance

The MetalSoft platform provisions L2 networks rather than L3 for each tenant network this increases the performance of east-west traffic .


This is especially important for Kubernetes and VMware deployments as it avoids encapsulation overhead.

Built for

self service

The MetalSoft network support has been specifically designed to accommodate self-service deployments whereas various users have various network topologies and security considerations that need to be applied to different data centers, over different hardware and technologies.

Easy to integrate

The MetalSoft platform comes as a complete working system. Yet, you can easily integrate it within your existing ecosystem using a variety of tools at your disposal.

Bring your own

Self-service portal

Admin interface

Integrates with your own self service portal

You can tie the MetalSoft platform into ServiceNow, or other workflow tools, or your own self service portal, by using our API, our CLI, or our Terraform provider.

Integrates with your monitoring systems

External systems can pull events from the MetalSoft platform and can tap into the system for SNMP configuration.

Integrates with your billing system

The MetalSoft platform meters all on-demand utilization and can be pulled by an external system. It has support for both reserved and on-demand pricing.

Up and running in a few minutes

The MetalSoft platform provides an optional Controller-as-a-Service option that simplifies your setup and allows you to get started with a few clicks.

Minimum environment requirements

A test server:

• A minimum of 2 NICs connected to a top of rack (leaf) switch.

• A dedicated IPMI port

• UEFI bios

A MetalSoft agents server/VM:

• 2 cores 4 GB  RAM

• Ubuntu 20.x

• A connection towards the IPMI interfaces of the servers

• A connection towards the Top-of-Rack switch to which the server is connected

Highly scalable

By using our lightweight site controllers, a single MetalSoft cloud controller can manage equipment across thousands of data centers.

Infrastructure as code

Our system enables end-users to treat infrastructure as code, to describe the desired infrastructure blueprint, commit it to a source control system.  From there, a CI/CD can detect changes and apply the changes on the bare metal infrastructure.


Our CLI has been designed not only as an alternative to the UI, but primarily as a means to automate operations. It supports yaml, CSV, and json input and output formats, and even supports a Kubernetes-style apply command.


The MetalSoft platform offers a terraform provider that can be used to create multi-cloud and multi-environment deploy scripts.


We provide a wide array of SDKs for various programming languages such as Go, NodeJs, Python, and others.

API documentation & SDKs


The MetalSoft platform supports building workflows to integrate with external systems and react to events within the MetalSoft environment. This enables bi-directional integrations with external systems.

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